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I market your property VERY differently than most people. If you do not wish to list your house, look below:

Can also help you with just writing your contracts, (and disclosures, finding lenders and escrow as well as so much more) on your already found buyer--make sure you give the disclosures you need to give as a seller.

In any event: here are some thoughts for you:

Some sellers know the most updated information, legal changes and contract forms and do not need a real estate office to help them sell their place. They understand the risks and possible problems that can derrive from doing the transaction on their own. And then, there are sellers that do not know all that and need a little help. They do not mind holding their open houses and spending money to advertise their house for sale. They know that this is the most valuable transaction they face, worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.  However, they need help when it comes to the actual sale of their home and when it comes to understanding the pages of sales contracts, disclosures, escrow, termite and so much more.

This is where our office can serve the most value to you. We can negotiate the sale when and where you need it and help you with MLS advertisements, but without the standard full six percent listing fees. We can help you make sure in advance that your buyer can afford your house, so you do not have to find out half way into escrow that they are not qualified,  and loose all other potential buyers. We can help you with notary service and even escrow issues.

To find out more, feel free to contact our office and discuss the details. Our fees will be based on exactly what you need, and you only pay for what you need help with. No more. The rest you can do on your own and save yourself money. No pressure, just wise decisions for your hard earned investment. After all, when you buy or sell your car, you do your homework. How about when you sell your house? Isn't it worth more than your car? And look at all the time and effort you put into your vehicle.....your home deserves the same. Call us so we can help you.

In the mean time, let us help you receive one free estimate on your home which you wish to sell on your own. Then, contact us when you need us. We are here to help.

We are looking forward to working with you



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