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Beata B
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Beata helps sellers and buyers daily. She has received several awards for being a top agent, volunteers for her community and rescues abandoned animals with the not so spare time she has. But, if we stop bragging about her and how good she is, then why don't we share a few details that are not uncommon in her daily life as a Relator.

She has clients that she never met before, yet sells their property.

As a matter of fact, several are returning clients. One in particular was located in Hawaii. She received a long distance call from them less than a decade ago, and sold their first property. Years later, sure enough sold for them again. It is not rare that she has clients who are out of state and who trust their property to her. It is up to Beata to handle the transaction while her clients are out-of-state permanently. Beata many times had to do her sales over the mail and the internet and never saw the face that belonged to the name. She had clients she never met, yet came back to her for the next transactions. Now that is trust, and great customer service.

Even found a place for a cat.

She even had a client that called because she wanted to purchase property for her cat. Again, others might have hung up on the lady, but Beata kept on listening. It turned out to be a real sale and she closed escrow in one week with a full cash offer.

Sometimes her clients never see the property before buying it because they are outside of California. Beata finds what they need, and sends them the appropriate information and then the offer is placed. It has occured that the owner only saw the property they bought at the final walk through. Again, all of this is due to her dilligent work, and trying to help her clients find what is best for them. It does not matter if her clients are local or out-of-state. Have confidence in listing with her and have her represent you in a transaction. Give her a call and find out more....

Oh, one more thing..... she has done simple transactions as well. They are not all this interesting :-)

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Beata's Quick Resume


Juris Doctor Degree

Magna Cum Laude Graduate –Pacific West College of Law

Bachelors of Science In Law - Pacific West College of Law

Bachelors of Science - CSULB

Graduated with Microbiology, Chemistry and Philosophy from CSULB


Active Memberships:

Pacific West Association of Realtors

California Association of Realtors

National Association of Realtors



This list is very long due to professional career as well as volunteer work. Feel free to call and ask.


Active Licenses:

Re License

Branch II and Branch III –Structural Pest Control Board


Certificates Just to mention a few:




Real Estate

Have worked as a BPO (Broker Price Opinion) agent ever since I have obtained my license. Have conducted thousands of reports and driven hundreds of thousands of miles for research purposes for those reports.

Have obtained House Values Specialty Certificates.

Have set up protocols for agents and real estate offices. (This list is confidential so I will not be able to give you names to make myself look great) :-)

Have lectured and taught real estate agents on contract writing and negotiating as well as maintaining rules and regulations for themselves, their brokers and their clients. 

Represented clients in their sales and purchases for a variety of real estate.

REO Specialist - please call for specific CV/Resume for this


What else about me?


Understands the importance of client needs and deadlines.

Strong communication, marketing, sales presentation and closing skills.

Excellent problem solving and troubleshooting skills.

Outstanding written, oral and reading communication and comprehension.

Extremely proactive, organized and detail-oriented.

Able to give superior presentation to a large group.

Able to train new-hire.

Ability to successfully relate to people of various ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds.

Always has a positive attitude and radiates happiness.

Willing to learn and not rusted into specific “ways” of doing things.

Enjoys face to-face customer relations.

Above average knowledge and skills in negotiation techniques.

Advanced ability to research legal issues and analyze logical sequencing of facts obtained.

Identify and document issues clearly and concisely.

Possess demonstrable experience in handling multiple projects independently.

Energetic team player who also shares the ability to work independently and as a self-starter.

Talent in prospecting new leads, outbound calls, developing proposals, and developing and/or managing a running portfolio of a business.

Form marketing ideas for issue specific topics, generate new clients and use unique skills for each scheme.

Capable of developing new business protocols, arrange meetings for target specific ideas and hold seminars.

Exceptional investigative talents with utilization of resources and clever ideas to find information or verification of subject issues.

Prepare and analyze quality reports to develop solutions to improve overall development process.

Implement quality assurance process including reviewing functional specifications, developing test strategies, and inspirational systems and performing test plans.

Enjoyment after hours:

Tutoring students in English and Mathematics.

Swimming and boating with my family.

Arrange large parties.


Provide Consultations.

Help when I can.

Beata B
(714) 493-5069(Cell)

, California
United States

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